The Galaxy

Welcome to the symposium of innovation. Sustaining the legacy of past 4 editions, RTU is back with an assembly of exceptional minds THAR-23. Rajasthan's biggest techno management festival, THAR-23 is a celebration for intellectuals across the country. Providing a platform for thinkers and doers alike, it's a fusion of monumental technology, enticing arts, inspirational forums and much more. THAR 2023 offers a 3 day voyage containing a plethora of competitions, unheard stories and a surplus of wonders. It's an otherworldly experience that will leave it's partakers with an unquenchable thirst for technological enlightenment.
Granted that you are indefinitely trivial and your kind have only existed for a minuscule time, you are a salient part of something very immense and alluring. Every single element on earth was created at the heart of a star. Big bang manifests our physical composition out of this cosmos. Our bodies are quite literally made of remnants of stars and explosions in the galaxy. There's Stardust gushing through your veins and galaxies swirling through your soul. So the next time you look up at the stars, remember that the beauty of the night sky is within you. Importing this indelible galaxy on land, we introduce Thar '23, welcoming you to encounter the bizzare gush of utterly prepossessing and striking events.
The Galaxy Indelible
And here you go, Participate in the most awaited fest of RTU, Kota


Prof. S.K. SinghHon'ble Vice Chancellor


Prof. A.K. DwivediDean SW & FA


Dr. D.K. SambariyaCoordinator THAR'23

Dr. Ritesh PatidarDy. Coordinator THAR'23